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Face Lifting Roller

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Transform your face and reach V-shape perfection with this EMS Face Lifting Roller RF! This multi-functional skin care tool offers double chin shaping, EMS massage, RF lifting, and slimming technology to help you achieve a more contoured face in minutes. Say goodbye to wrinkles, age lines, and chin flab and experience a firmer, younger-looking you!



Working Principle: EMS


Rejuvenate your skin: Awaken your radiance

Reduce neck wrinkles

Power Source: USB Charger

Material: Metal

Improve Eye Looseness, Fade Fine Lines: Derma Rolling System

Function: Anti Wrinkle

Full Body Slimming Massage Roller: Face roller massager

Fade wrinkles: Y Shape Massage

Facial Roller Massager: Remove Double Chin

Enhance skin elasticity: Skin Rejuvenation, Face Lift

EMS V Face Massage: Thin Arm Leg Roller Massager



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