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Automatic Food Vacuum Sealing Machine

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This vacuum sealer reduces oxidation by removing most of the air from the sealed bag and prevents fresh air from entering the sealed container, thus extending the life of the food. Quickly draining the air around the food, it can be used to preserve fresh foods such as raw meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables. The vacuum sealing process extends the freshness of food. This vacuum sealer is made of durable and easy-to-clean material, and the thermal protection function is designed with safety. Adopted a unique design, the slim body of it does not take up space.

-High-quality Material: The outer material of the vacuum sealer is made of high-quality ABS which is convenient to clean, easy to carry, with heat resistance, overheat protection and multi-layer heat dissipation. It also has drop and impact resistance. Safe design, slim body, does not take up space.

-Good Sealing: The vacuum sealer has 30cm extension seal for enhanced sealing width and there are 2 optional modes (dry and wet), which can realize 2 or more packages to work at the same time and improve efficiency.

-Keeping Food Fresh: This vacuum sealer prolongs the life of food by removing most of the air in the airtight bag to reduce oxidation and prevent fresh air from entering the airtight container. It not only prolongs the freshness of the food, but also prevents food leaks, spoilage and mildew.

--50KPa/-60KPa Strong Suction: The vacuum sealing machine adopts fully automatic one-button operation with smart LED indicators. 60 Kpa strong suction provides the best vacuum and sealing. Just press the button, the whole process from vacuum to sealing can be completed with one click, and vacuum sealing can be completed quickly within 6-15 seconds.

-Wide Range of Uses: The vacuum sealer can not only maintain the taste and moisture of various foods such as vegetables, meat, seafood, fruits, etc., but also has a variety of mode adjustment, suitable for dry food and wet food sealing. It can also be used for small tea bags, snack bags and donkey-hide gelatin bags.

Rated voltage: 220V 

Rated frequency: 50Hz 

Rated power: 110W 

Single sealing time: 6~15 seconds 

Vacuum sealing time: 10~20 seconds (if the fresh-keeping bag is too large, the vacuum pumping time will be extended accordingly) 

Vacuum degree: -50kpa/-60kpa 

Size: 37.5*14.5*6cm (L*W*H)

1*Vacuum Sealer Machine

10*Vacuum Bags

1*Pumping Pipe



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