Caribbean Entrepreneurs Are Heading for 6 Figures As Their Own Boss With Drop Shipping

Caribbean Entrepreneurs Are Heading for 6 Figures As Their Own Boss With Drop Shipping

A new drop shipping program makes break for Caribbean women to be a part of the 6 figure circle without migrating, hoping for an increases salary or working two or three jobs to increase their earning potential.

As founder and CEO of Breakthrough to Entrepreneur LLC I have spent over 6 years as and e-commerce expert and business coach particularly in drop shipping, helping over 100 women successfully launch their own businesses, generating six figures or more.

As a native of the beautiful island of Jamaica, I remember my mother migrating to the United States to work in hospitality. She did not want to leave us but she lost her factory job and this was the best way for her to provide for her kids. After migrating to the United States and having my first child, I realized how hard it must have been for my mother to live paycheck to paycheck, leaving her kids with her mom, my grandmother, so she could go to work. I did not want that for my child and I entrepreneurship as a solution. I found major success in entrepreneurship as a drop shipper and I was passionate to help other women do the same. However, I was unable to help Caribbean women find this success due to some major limitations.

Over the past 2 years I realized that aspiring business owners in the Caribbean were not able to reap the fruit of drop shipping because of limitations, a major one being limited access to global payment options. This includes PayPal, which is not a supported online payment processor for businesses based in Trinidad & Tobago and other islands. While entrepreneurs in Jamaica can accept PayPal as an option on their website, the reimbursement process may take up to 30 days. That is why I have spent the past 2 years crafting a solution.

Drop Ship This was established in 2021 to provide this opportunity to individuals who are serious about doing business online. It provides them access to high quality products, fast shipping to their customers, and a shop-ready Shopify website that accepts Shopify Payment gateway, PayPal, and other globally acceptable payment options.

The beauty of this program is that the participating merchant does not have to stock inventory. They only pay for what their customers buy. They also do not have to fulfill their own orders since Drop Ship This manages the inventory and fulfill the orders. Each merchant receives a website with the niche of their choice, they add their own branding to the website and manage their marketing. Their earnings are paid out in their currency within minutes or up to only 5 business days. Payouts are currently being made to merchants twice per week. Over 20 women have been successfully enrolled in this program and already enjoying the benefits of being their own boss.

The program is currently accepting applicants from Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, The Bahamas, Guyana and more. The merchants also have training access at their fingertips with over 10 pre-recorded modules providing detailed guidance on managing their Shopify website to fit their choice of branding, how to launch a brand successfully with a pre-launch campaign, how to create their own online presence on social media and much more. Marketing training is also being provided to help the merchants to grow to six figures and beyond.

Currently, the program offers over 6 niches for merchants to choose from. The available niches are Women Fashion, Men Fashion, Kids Fashion, Accessories, Hair & Beauty, Home, Fitness, Bags, Footwear, and Custom Designs. An expansion is in the near future to include many more options. Current merchants describe this opportunity as a life saver while others say it is simply a dream come true.

See for yourself what others have been saying about this program. If you are reading this blog then you may interested in this opportunity.


Learn more and register now at the introductory price as low as $399.97 before prices increase. Have questions? Schedule an appointment to discuss your business goals with Coach Kerr at or quickly connect with her team on WhatsApp at 1-860-835-3684.

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